Nordic Coaches:

Kirsten Berggren– [email protected]

Parents Information Night– TBA

What you need to do before Monday, November 28 (the first Practice)…

The first day of Practice: Monday, November 28, 3:30 PM. Meet inside by the trophy case. Bring shoes and clothes for running outside. Any forms can be handed in that day to the coach before practice. 

You will need to have the following three forms filled out and the forms can be found on the Athletics page on the Burlington High School Website.

Athletic Participation Consent Form and Athletic Health Questionnaire:

Athletics Physical Clearance Form: This form is valid for 2 years following the date of 

physical examination. Student-athletes will be required to update their primary physician if any significant injuries occur before the expiration date.

Also, track down your EQUIPMENT – you will need the following for a successful season.

  • Running shoes
  • Ski boots – Each skier should have classic boots and skate boots or one pair of combi boots, and have boots that fit well is probably the most important piece! Find the boots first and then be sure that the boots match your bindings on your skis.
  • Classic skis – Waxable(aka no fish scales) Weight dependent, have someone help.
  • Skate skis – Weight dependent, have someone help.
  • Classic poles – Length should hit at or near the top of the shoulder. Looking for light poles – stay away from the ones with the big baskets.
  • Skate poles – Length should hit between the chin and nose. Looking for light poles – stay away from the ones with the big baskets.
  • Ski bag
  • Headlamp – There is not much light for practice in November and December!
  • Water bottle with  belt holder
  • Polypro or wool layers, running/ski pants, jacket (one that keeps you warm but allows you to move, we will be selling team coats again this year), hat, gloves, wool socks.

The team does have some skis, poles, and very limited amount of ski boots to loan to skiers. We will assign team equipment in the first two weeks of practice to those who need it. There are lots of great ways to buy equipment (Ski Rack, ski swaps, and online locations), please email Abbie if you need suggestions.


There are no tryouts for the Nordic Ski team. All skiers who commit to the season schedule are welcome on the team.

The race season is a mix of Classic and Freestyle races, and the majority of the races fall on Saturdays. Each race will have a Varsity race (about 5 kilometers), and Junior Varsity race (about 3 kilometers). The coaches will decide who races Varsity and JV, this will be based on when a skier is physically and mentally ready to race the 5k distance.

For any weekday races, skiers will be dismissed 30 minutes prior to bus departure to get all their gear together. It is the skier’s responsibility to communicate with their respective teachers about his/her absence and make up the required work.

There is a good amount of standing in the cold, cheering on your teammates at races, and skiers should be prepared with ample amounts of clothing so that these days can be a success!

Skiers are responsible for their own food at all races.

There are two state meets at the end of the season, a Classic State meet and a Freestyle State meet. Eight Varsity girls and eight varsity boys will compete in these events. The coaches will determine who competes in these events and we will use the season’s races to make this decision. Please note that the first state meet falls on the Thursday of February vacation (2/26). All Varsity athletes should plan on being in Vermont for all of their February vacation!


Practices will be held every school day at 3:30-5:00 pm. After the snow flies, we will travel to snow by bus twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Catamount Family Center, Sleepy Hollow Nordic Center, Bolton Nordic Center, or the Range in Jericho. On these bus to ski days, we will return to school between 6:30-7. There will be a trail pass fee depending on where we ski; the cost estimate for this is $30-$60 for the season. There are trail fee scholarships available, please contact Abbie.


All communication will be done through email and posted on the Facebook page. The coaches will be sending out weekly emails and posts on Facebook with the schedule for the week and any other pertinent information. Please email Abbie, [email protected] to be added to the communication list.


Always remember that you are ‘STUDENT-athletes’ and academic commitments take priority over athletic ones. We are willing to be flexible about altering training schedules when it comes to academic work. However, it is important to remember that being a student and an athlete requires efficient planning of time an excellent work ethic. We expect all skiers to be at all ski functions and practices unless prior arrangements have been made. This leads us to the next topic…


To reach our individual and team goals this year, attendance is extremely important. Skiers who are late on a regular basis, or who miss a practice without a coaches previous approval, will not be allowed to race for that week’s race. (This does not apply to skiers who are ill, have an unexpected emergency, or any other excused absence.) If unexcused absences are a pattern that persists, and a skier’s commitment to the team is called into question, then we will meet with the skier and his/her parents; if the problem continues, we may need to ask that person to leave the team. We do not expect this to happen, but would like to be sure that everyone understands the seriousness of attendance and the possible consequences.

Communication will be essential for avoiding any attendance issues! If a skier talks to one of the coaches about future conflicts with academics or other extra-curricular activities, we are sure that we can work something out. On the coaches’ part, we will try to get a season schedule to you as soon as possible and stick to that schedule as closely as possible.


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