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Burlington’s Koleigh Vachereau (13) spikes the ball during the girls volleyball game against South Burlington at Buck Hard Gym

BHS Girls Volleyball Wednesday 10/29 Quarters v. Randolph 4:30 pm/Thursday 10/30 B VBall Quarters v. VT. Commons 4:30 pm


Practices will be held each day, starting on Monday the 18th, at Roosevelt Park across the street from the Boys and Girls Club in Burlington’s North End.       Times:  Mon-Fri 9:00-10:30 and 4:00-5:30   Morning sessions will focus on cross training and getting in shape.  Afternoon sessions are for skills and drills. Pre-season is OUTDOORS on the grass so come … Continued

BHS varsity volleyball pre-season to begin Thursday, August 18.  We’ll hold practices each weekday with a morning and afternoon session until the beginning of school.  The morning sessions will take place across the street from the Boys and Girls Club at Rosie Park and will consist of workout routines for strength and endurance.  The afternoon sessions will be held at the Burlington waterfront, on the grass next to Echo, and will consist of skills and drills.
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