Alpine Skiing

Winter Meet the Coaches - Wednesday, November 6 from 3:10pm to 3:45pm
Dryland Training - begins Monday, December 2
On-Snow Training will be Wednesdays and Thursdays at Cochrans from 3:45pm-5:45pm.  Bus will depart from BHS at 3:00pm student dismissal is 2:55pm.  We do not have an exact start date for these practices -- depends on our weather/snowfall.
Our plan for this year is to meet for dryland training 3 days a week until we are able to be on snow.  We will then train two days a week on snow, and meet for 30 minutes one day after school at BHS for preparation/debrief of races.  There will be no training/practice over the December holiday break.

RACES:We hoped to be able to offer a balance of SL and GS races as well as a balance of Blue and White days, however, hosting schools set their race dates and discipline.   We recognize Blue Days are impacted more than White Days.  Please remember this is tentative as we are not sure if we will have sufficient snow by December 13 to race.  Additionally, please view the lower VPA rule section regarding how many races you must attend.

Tentative Race Schedule (sometimes these dates change due to a mountain or school necessity)

Friday, December 13 (blue day) SL @ MRG at 9:00 – morning on-snow training/afternoon race – bus departs BHS 7:15

Friday, January 3 (non-school day) GS @ Bolton at 10:00 - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 8:00am

Tuesday, January 7 (white day) SL @ Smuggs at 10:00 - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 7:30

Sunday, January 12 (non-school day) SL @ Mt. Ellen at 10:00pm - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 6:30

Thursday, January 16 (white day) GS @ Smuggs at 10:00am - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 7:30

Wednesday, January 22 (blue day) SL @ Smuggs at 10:00am - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 7:30

Friday, Jan 31 (white day) GS @ Smuggs at 10:00am - Essex Carnival – bus departs BHS 7:30

*Monday, February 3 (blue day) SL at Cochran’s at 1:00am - team slip at 12:00am – bus departs BHS 11:05

Wednesday, February 12 (blue day) GS @ Smuggs at 10:00am - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 7:30

Monday, February 17 (blue day) SL at Cochran’s at 10:00am - team slip at 9:00am – bus departs BHS 7:50

DISTRICTS Monday (GS) / Tuesday (SL), February 24 and 25 @ Burke – bus departs BHS 6:00

STATES Monday(GS) / Tuesday (SL), March 4 and 5 @ Okemo/Suicide Six – bus departs BHS 5:45

*Co-Hosting with Colchester  --  parent volunteers are needed
Districts and States -   --  parent volunteers are needed

Participation Requirements:
VPA rules require students who participate in outside teams (like Cochran's Ski Club) must attend their high school team training if the times conflict.  Meaning, if BHS has a scheduled training at the same time as a U16, VPA requires that athletes attend the high school training.  Additionally, all high school athletes must attend 10 practices prior to their first race -- these practices can include dryland training.  Last year, we had just two on-snow trainings before the holiday break, but we had 9 dryland training sessions.  Our first race was scheduled in December, but due to the lack of snow was cancelled.  Athletes must attend at least one GS and one SL races as well as "more than half" of the races a school participates in to qualify for states and districts.  This means, if we as a school attend all 10 regular season races as listed above, you as an athlete must attend at least six.

Lastly, participation on BHS ski team does have a financial fee of $200/per athlete for the season for our lane space 2x a week.

Coaching Staff