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The team welcomes any and all interested BHS and RPS girls of any level of ability and experience.  No tryouts, not cuts. However the following online and paper forms must be completed:

  1. Online Registration. BHS requires that registration in sports be completed online via a platform called “Form ReLeaf.” Students are not eligible to participate in a sport until this has been done. The FormReleaf Online Registration System for 2018 Spring Sports is now live at:  Please register promptly and prior to March 20th which is the date of the first mandatory activity on the 2018 BHS Girls Ultimate Team Schedule. If you need assistance using the FormReleaf registration platform you can call: 1.844.367.6735.
  2. Current Physical. BHS requires any student playing an interscholastic sport to have a current physical. A physical is considered current if it is within the last two years. This cannot be submitted online. A hard copy of a form called “WELLNESS SPORTS CLEARANCE FORM” must be completed by a licensed practitioner and turned into the BHS Health Office by fax at 802.864.2167. The Wellness Sports Clearance Form can be downloaded from here.
  3. Player Contract. Players and their parents/guardians must agree to the terms of our two policies. The following two documents must be downloaded, signed and returned to Coach Kattsee by May 20th at the latest (the date of the team’s first mandatory activity. ) You may scan and email them, snail mail them or hand them over in person at practice on May 20th. Coach Kattsee’s email and street addresses can be found further down on this webpage.
    1. PLAYER CONTRACT PART I – Attendance Policy. The Attendance Policy Agreement can be downloaded from here.
    2. PLAYER CONTRACT PART II – Playing Time Policy. The Playing Time Policy can be downloaded from here.


Q1. Last season (2017) there were no mandatory practices on the schedule on Mondays, but it looks like there will be mandatory practices on some Mondays this coming season (2018.) Is that correct?
You are correct that starting on the 5th week of the season, the schedule will go from 3 days (Tues+Wed+Thurs) to 4 days a week (Mon+Tues+Wed+Thurs.) Kicking it up a notch this year. However if the total number of VUYL league games scheduled for the week exceeds two, or if both Tuesday and Thursday VYUL league games are away games, then we will not hold a practice on Monday.

Q2. I registered using the FormReleaf platform for a different sport. I’ve since changed my mind and would like to sign up for Girls Ultimate instead. Is that possible?
Yes absolutely! Simply send me an email to let me know and I will ask the Athletic Department to make the change in their system. My email address is: [email protected]

Q3. I may have to miss some practices because of work. Should I get a note from my manager to excuse me from those?
No need to get a note from your manager as all absences will be treated the same regardless of reason. We will not be excusing some and not excusing others. 

Q4. I am a RPS student. Do I still have to complete the BHS Wellness Sports Clearance Form?
No. That form is for BHS students only. However I do need RPS to let me know whether or not you are medically cleared by RPS to participate in sports. An email confirmation from a RPS staff member to me is sufficient. My email address is: [email protected] 

Q5. I work part-time and work may interfere with practice or games sometimes. Is this going to be an issue??
There are two aspects of the Attendance Policy for you to consider:
1. What is going to be your attendance in average overal? This will be evaluated periodically over the course of the season. The policy states that if you are absent 45% or more of the time, you will be subject to dismissal from the team. In other words, you are asked to maintain an attendance average of at least 55% throughout the season to be in good standing. This is not overly strict, and if you’re not going to be able to attend mandatory activities at least 55% of the time, it will need to be addressed. Please read the paragraph called “Dismissal due to Poor Attendance” on the Attendance Policy for more details.
2. How many times are you going to be absent, arriving late and/or leaving early within one same calendar week? This will be evaluated on a week by week basis. If the frequency is too high, a playing time penalty will be assessed. Please see the “Playing Time Penalties” table for more details. We’re okay with this happening sometimes as long as your overall attendance average doesn’t drop below 55%. The question is, are you?

Q6. Can I use my doctor’s form rather than the Wellness Sports Clearance Form?
I believe so, but it would be best if you asked the BHS Health Office directly. You can reach them by phone at 802-864-8586.

Q7. I want to sign up for Ultimate but I also want to be able to continue participating in another sport club I am a part of. Is it okay if I miss a few practices and possibly a couple of weekend games/tournaments due to my club sport? I would not miss PVI. 
Great to hear about your interest in Ultimate! With regards to attendance, there are two things for you to consider:
1. Will you be in attendance at mandatory practices and games at least 55% of the time? If the answer is yes then no problem you will remain in good standing. Note that arriving late or leaving early counts as 50% presence. Also note that attendance is only going to be tracked at mandatory practices and games. While participation in PVI and the Northfield Mount Hermon School 13th annual Girls Ultimate Tournament is highly encouraged, these events are marked optional on the schedule so they will not count toward your overall attendance %.
2. Heads up that a playing time penalty will be assessed when a player misses too frequently within one same calendar week. Please refer to the section called “Playing Time Penalties” on the Attendance Policy for more details.  We’re ok with this happening sometimes as long as your overall attendance remains above 55%.

Q8. Do you need a copy of my physical examination report/Wellness Sports Clearance form? 
No. It only needs to be provided to the BHS Health Office. 

Q9. I think I can maintain an overall attendance of at least 55% but it will depend on the schedule. Will the team be practicing 5 times a week or just 3 times a week like last year?
For the first 4 weeks of the season, practices will be held 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. However starting on week 5 we will be adding one more day and have activities (practices and/or games) a total of 4 times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The coaching staff will not schedule anything on Fridays ever. You can check out the schedule here:

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Kattsee. Her contact information can be found further down on this webpage.


Link to 2018 Schedule


Practices and games will be held rain, snow or shine. They will only be cancelled, postponed or cut short if the conditions are damaging to the field or unsafe for the players (ex.: thunder/lightning or field conditions such as holes or slipperiness that could lead to injury.) Players should therefore come dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Layered clothing is highly recommended.

Players are also asked to have (or not have) the following at each practice and game:

  • Running shoes AND Cleats (Lacrosse, Football or Soccer cleats will do) NO METAL SPIKES!
  • [At Practice] A black (or a very dark colored) shirt AND a white (or very light colored) shirt. Or a single dark/light reversible shirt. Make sure it fits over everything else being worn
  • [At Games] Reversible team jersey. Team captains will coordinate the jersey order once the roster has been finalized
  • Water and/or electrolyte beverage. Players should fill their bottles BEFORE the start of practice/game
  • Snacks
  • No jewelry
  • Trimmed toe and fingernails
  • Extra socks (preferably wool or synthetic, not cotton)
  • Hand towel


  • Winter hat and gloves
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket
  • Trash bag (to sit on or keep belongings dry)

The coaches will bring discs, cones and first aid items.


Coming soon.


Cathy Janvier (“Kattsee”), Head Coach
Mobile: 802.316.6261
Email: [email protected]
Street Address:
52 Latham Ct
Burlington, VT 05401


Kattsee’s Ultimate Bio: I discovered Ultimate in 1993. I played competitively on various club teams from 1994 through 2017 as well as on Team Canada in 1998 and 2000. My history as a competitive player includes qualifying for/competing at Canadian Nationals twelve times and at U.S. Nationals five times. I also participated in 5 World Championships held respectively in the U.S. (1998),  Scotland (1999), Germany (2000), Czech Republic (2010) and Italy (2014.) Notable results include winning Canadian Nationals in the women’s division in 2010, a Gold in the mixed division at Worlds in 1998, a Silver in the mixed division at Worlds in 2000, a Gold in the women’s masters division at Worlds in 2014 and a Gold in the women’s masters division at Canadian Nationals in 2017. I was inducted in the Montreal Ultimate Hall of Fame in 2009. My experience with Ultimate also includes guest-coaching, captaining and/or acting as team physical trainer for various competitive and recreational adult teams and head-coaching the Burlington High School Girls Ultimate team. Additionally I served as a Board member for both the VT and the Montreal Ultimate communities and helped organize and run several Ultimate tournaments, leagues and clinics.


Karen Spach, Assistant & Spirit Coach

Sonia Johnson, Assistant Coach



Isabella (“Bella”) Weston





McKenna Weston





Sarah VonDoepp






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