new-seahorse The Burlington  Seahorse Mascot



Why the Seahorses? This question is frequently posed as to why our mascot is the “seahorse.” The story goes that fossils of seahorses were found when the site of the former Burlington High School, now Edmunds Elementary/Middle Schools, was excavated in the late 1800’s. The fossils possibly dated back to over 12,000 years ago when glaciers began to melt in the region and what is now Lake Champlain was saltwater. According to the Lake Champlain Committee: “As the ice began to melt, the slowly retreating glaciers to the north limited the flow of the melt water forcing drainage to the south through the present day Hudson River. Debris dams forced the water to pool in a huge lake – Lake Vermont. At its height, Lake Vermont had a surface elevation around 500 feet higher than Lake Champlain’s current level! When the glacier receded north of the St. Lawrence Valley, the landmass it had covered was below sea level as a result of the huge weight of the ice. Ocean waters flowed in from the Atlantic forming the Champlain Sea. Saltwater animals such as the famous Charlotte whale frolicked in the region at that time. Subsequent rebounding of the land raised the lake elevation above sea level. Gradually saltwater flushed out and was replaced by fresh water from tributaries.” Burlington High School is proud to have the unique distinction of having “the Seahorse” as our school mascot!