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Welcome to the 2023-24 season! Updated 10/7/23

Click Here for 2023-24 information

Start here: to register and be sure your sports clearance form is up to date. NOTE: All athletes need to have a physical on file, within the last 2 years. If you don’t have this up to date, try to schedule it right away - most doctors’ offices are very busy. Let them know you need a sports physical - this is not as long an appointment as a full physical. 

The season overview of races will be on the Nordic Calendar, which you can save to your own google calendar. 

Please visit the Nordic Training Doc for daily updates. This is where weekly practice schedules will be posted. Updated every Sunday. 

Nordic skiing is open to all, no skiing experience is needed, no equipment is needed (though it's helpful if as many skiers as possible lease or buy their own gear - see below for options). The team does have equipment to loan if you don’t have your own or access to buy/lease. 

Info and updates will be communicated by email. If you are not already on the email list, send me a message at to be added. 


Here is the general information for the season - please read all the way through, as the important equipment stuff is at the bottom! Then send me any questions you still have. 

Home workouts: Do you want to start getting in shape now? Yes of course you do! Here is our legendary Uptown Funk core/upper body workout - it takes me about 3 weeks of doing it every day to be able to do the whole thing without stopping - keep at it! Here is a strength home workout you can do without any special equipment or weights, designed to be done 2-3 times a week to build core, leg and upper body strength. 

Not feeling it for longer workouts or videos? Shortest pre-season workout ever: Plank x 1 minute. Push-ups, 1 or 2 sets of however many you can do. One-legged squats, 10 each side. Ta-dah! Done! Do this 3-5 days a week and you’ll hit nordic season with a good start on strength. 

Season timing: Practice starts Monday November 29th. Practices will be at BHS North Ave (OGBHS) until we have snow and can start to travel. This is typically between the 1st and 3rd weeks of December. 

Competition: The competition schedule is being finalized right now. Check the calendar (see link above) for dates.  We typically have about 1 race a week on average. 

Practices: Every week there will be a mix of dryland practices that are held at BHS and on-snow practices that will be at BHS/Rock Point trails or we will take a bus/carpool to snowmaking sites including Sleepy Hollow and the National Guard biathlon range in Jericho. Expect to travel 2-3 days/week and be at BHS 2-3 days/week. 

Equipment: See below for equipment needs. We have items to loan in ALL categories below except running shoes. Anyone can join the team, regardless of experience or financial means. 

More info: 

Equipment and Clothing

What you need before the season starts:

Before Thanksgiving, track down your EQUIPMENT – you will need the following for a successful season. And please, PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR STUFF!!!!

  • Running shoes
  • Ski lease packages - see below. 
  • Ski boots – Each skier should have classic boots and skate boots OR one pair of combi boots, and having boots that fit well is probably the most important piece! Find the boots first and then be sure that the boots match the bindings on your skis.
  • If you are not getting a full lease package - consider just leasing boots ($50 at skirack). That way you'll know you'll have a pair that fits. DO THIS SOON, THEY ALWAYS RUN OUT!!! 
  • Classic skis – Waxable (aka no fish scales) Fitting is weight dependent, have someone help you get the right pair.
  • (optional) - waxless skis for training on icy days
  • Skate skis – Weight dependent, have someone help you select them.
  • Classic poles – Length should hit at or near the top of the shoulder. Looking for light poles – stay away from the ones with the big baskets. Downhill poles are not the same. 
  • Skate poles – Length should hit between the chin and nose. Looking for light poles – stay away from the ones with the big baskets.
  • Ski bag (ski rack has a good bag at a team discount) - we also have a few to loan, and 2 skiers can often share 1 bag. 
  • Headlamp – There is not much light for practice in November and December!
  • Water bottle.  A belt holder lets you keep it with you (we’ll have these for sale). Water bottle REQUIRED at every practice. Put your name on it. The “red bottle with the flowers on it” helps you know which one is yours, but doesn’t help the person who finds it know who to return it to. NAME, please. 
  • Synthetic or wool base layers, running/ski pants, jacket (one that keeps you warm but allows you to move, we will be selling team coats again this year), hat, wool socks and TWO pairs of gloves. Gloves should be lightweight insulated gloves. Check the vast selection at SkiRack to see the kind of thing I’m talking about. Some people wear very light gloves, others need a heavier glove, but you’ll want something that lets you have a good grip on the poles and isn’t too bulky to fit in straps. 

The team does have some skis, poles, and ski boots to loan to skiers. We will assign team equipment in the first two weeks of practice to those who need it. There are lots of great ways to buy equipment (Ski Rack (new and lease package), ski swaps, from older skiers), please let Kirsten know if you need suggestions. If you want to use team gear and can afford to lease boots alone, this will get you the best fit and durability. If not, we have boots to lend. 

Lease Packages: SkiRack lease packages are a great deal for high school racers: Info is here. Ski rack is the only place with a good lease package. Other shops have better prices but the gear is not fitted well or appropriate for high school racing. They have all new lease equipment this year so there are no used prices, but they are selling off the used equipment at very good prices. If you’re considering this option, go soon! It will sell off quickly! 

Complete Skate and Classic Racing Package:  $329 

Single Set of Skate or Classic Racing Equipment:  $199 

A la Carte: Boots only: $50

Used Nordic Lease Gear For Sale at SkiRack:

  • Salomon SNS Boots - Ranges from $50-$85
  • Skis with SNS Salomon Bindings - Ranges from $50-$85
  • Poles - Ranges from $15-$30

Fees and Costs

Trail fees: Check for $100 to BHS Nordic. This gets you a season pass at Sleepy Hollow that is also good through the summer, as well as day passes at other training locations. This is not mandatory! If you need a scholarship for the trail fees please just tell me and it’s done. 

Fundraiser: No complicated time-consuming fundraisers, just write a check to BHS Nordic. This helps cover our scholarships and trail fees (any amount is appreciated!) Can be dropped off at the school office, or if your kid’s backpack is as much of a black hole as mine, just mail to Kirsten Berggren, 60 Beachcrest Dr, Burlington 05408 and I’ll get it deposited. 

Coaching Staff

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