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There are no cuts on the BHS Track and Field team. Anyone who is able to commit to the full schedule, work hard to improve, and follow the team rules, is an important contributor to this team.

Coach Commitment: to develop a strong, inclusive team that helps athletes at all levels develop, learn new skills and perform at their best; to offer valuable support and instruction in practices and at meets; to create a welcoming team environment that balances fun with progress towards the athletic goals at hand; to run practices efficiently so as to make good use of limited practice time; to advocate for athletes, the team, Burlington High School and for track and field in Vermont; to coordinate and host high profile meets; to provide a schedule for the entire season ahead of time so athletes can plan accordingly.  

Athlete Commitment: to attend EVERY practice and meet; to work to improve at EVERY practice and meet; to bring a positive, enthusiastic disposition to all track events; to help out at all home meets; to understand that you must help out or compete at the BHS Invite and States as a condition of being on this team. 

Weather: Practices and meets will be held in all weather, from snow to sun. All athletes are expected to bring proper attire to practice in order to participate.  Athletes must wear athletic running shoes (trainers) or track spikes.  The team will provide running shoes for any active member who had financial need and is otherwise unable to purchase shoes.  

Absences: athletes are allowed a maximum of 5 excused absences throughout the season; an excused absence is one that 1) cannot be avoided 2) has been communicated to Dan via email BEFORE practice begins (by the athlete, not the parent).  Examples are being sick, a meeting with a teacher, or a doctor’s appointment that absolutely can’t be scheduled at another time.  Any athlete with more than 5 excused absences will need to meet with the coaches and captains to determine whether he/she is still able to be on the team.  

Unexcused absences: after the second unexcused absence, an athlete is no longer on the team.  An unexcused absence is an absence that 1) can be avoided 2) has NOT been communicated to Dan via email BEFORE practice begins.  

10 Practices: per VPA rules, athletes are not officially on the roster and not able to compete until they have completed 10 practices.  

Travel to/from Meets: per school rules, if a bus is provided, athletes must take that bus to and from the meet in order to compete.  An athlete is expected to ride the bus back to BHS unless (per school rules) that athlete goes home with his/her own parent/guardian, OR he/she has a note (email is OK) from his/her parent/guardian granting permission to go home with another specific person on that specific date.

Relays: Relay team members are chosen based on their athletic ability and their ability to make a commitment to that relay team.

Qualifiers: those who qualify for a meet are expected to compete in that meet, so long as they are physically able to do so.  This includes the Burlington Invite, the Essex Invite and the State Championships.  

Uniforms: All pieces of uniforms will be assigned to individual athletes and kept in good condition by those athletes. They should be washed, dried and returned BEFORE the team banquet or the athlete will be ineligible for end of season awards.  Athletes will strictly comply with all VPA rules regarding uniform in competition, as well as: competing always in school-issued singlet, school-issued shorts, optional black spandex with no logos of any kind or distinctive stitching. 

Injury: It is the responsibility of each athlete to communicate any injury or soreness to his or her primary coach immediately and accurately. Athletes unable to practice due to injury will still be expected to attend practice daily, visiting the trainer and completing any needed rehabilitation.  Injured athletes will not travel with the team if it involves an early class dismissal. 

Eligibility: Athletes will be held to all Burlington High School requirements for athletic eligibility. Behavioral issues both in and outside of school, as well as the level of respect shown coaches and peers, directly affect eligibility.  

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